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Tibetan Bowl -Gong

Tibetan bowl – Gong

The Tibetan bowl is a wonderful little-known tool.

I use it in two different ways:
Either directly on the body to work in micro massage by the vibrations of the bowl.
Either in low frequency resonance for cellular reharmonization.


Chao gong

The unrecognized power of this instrument is extraordinary.

Low frequencies have a penetrating effect that has the particularity of releasing stress.

It gives the impression of a tsunami that carries with it all the tensions of the body.
I use it after a relaxation session accompanied by a Tibetan bowl.

For a relaxation session to reach its climax, it is necessary to operate a “let go” of the head. Let your body express itself, listen to the sensations it transmits to us and not create a blockage.

Two types of reactions can take place:
the first one :

The sound support will serve as a vehicle for the spirit to travel, it acts as an awakened self-hypnosis that allows you to program your astral journey.
On the other side “space-time” no longer exists. A journey of a few minutes can be several hours, days etc…

I can cite two real-life cases:
– someone relived his birth from his mother’s cozy womb
– another person followed the passion of Christ with the stations of the cross and the crucifixion.

It’s not “a movie” but we are part of the scenery, we feel the things, the smells, the heat, we participate in the event, we are really there.

These are journeys that remain etched in the memory and not like dreams that we forget.

the second :

For people who have suffered serious psychological trauma (breakups, death, rape, accidents etc.) and who are disturbed, a trance climb will allow them to evacuate and bring out the evil.
They then relive the very trying scenes, they can then get rid of the problem and mourn this trauma.
The same goes for people who feel inhabited by entities. Going into a trance has the effect of bringing out “the squatting spirits”. These trials are a bad time to go through but so liberating.

The singing bowls

They relate to the pre-Buddhist animist Bön shamanist culture of the Himalayas, hence their often-used name “Tibetan bowls”.

The origin of these bowls dates back to the Bronze Age. Coming from the Far East, via Mongolia, they would have been introduced to Tibet by nomadic blacksmiths who were followers of Shamanism. They are currently made in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.

Singing bowls are normally made of an alloy of seven metals representing 7 planets in the Solar System: Gold (Sun), Silver (Moon), Mercury (Mercury), Copper (Venus), Iron (Mars), tin (Jupiter), lead (Saturn).

The legend says that the iron used would have a celestial origin and would come from meteorites collected in the Himalayas. Each craftsman nevertheless keeps his secrets and the alloys differ according to the origin of manufacture. They are rich in silver and tin for the bowls of Tibetan origin but they are richer in copper for the bowls made in Nepal which thus have a pale brass tint. The bowls are obtained by hammering a metal plate on a form which leaves traces of shaping around the edge.

The vibratory singing of Tibetan bowls

Many people feel their soul touched when they hear the lively sound of singing bowls. This feeling is much less powerful when the sound comes from a recording, but it is then experienced in its full potential as part of an energy treatment. The sound and vibration of the bowl provides an expansion of the surrounding space and a feeling of deep peace.

These experiences are not the result of “belief” or imagination, as some people who have never experienced the phenomenon themselves might mistakenly think. And the physical well-being that comes from the sound “bath” is not just the result of relaxation. But why? We know that water is an ideal carrier of vibrations. It suffices to observe the waves propagated on the surface of a lake when a pebble is thrown into it to realize this.

By striking a Tibetan bowl, one can very clearly feel that the air around it also vibrates. People who have no idea what these vibrations are and have never heard the singing of the bowl can feel it by placing their hands against the bowl.

The powerful vibrations quickly spread through the entire body, which is over 80% water. This results in a delicate internal massage of all cells. Physiotherapists also make use of this type of internal massage using ultrasonic waves.

Vibrations and electromagnetic waves

When we approach the human body from its electromagnetic aspect, we see that it is a real transmitter of vibrations and wavelengths. When a healthy organ is well tuned, it vibrates only at its own frequency, while the frequency of a diseased organ is disturbed.

Measurement of the electromagnetic waves of the brain has demonstrated that it produces different clearly identifiable wavelengths, each of which is linked to a specific state of consciousness. We know that in its ‘normal’ state of functioning, the brain emits Beta waves, whereas Alpha waves are produced in a state of meditation and deep calm.

Theta waves are emitted in a state of ‘half-sleep’, while Delta waves only appear during periods of deep sleep.

Similar waves

It is also possible to measure the waves produced by singing bowls.
This is how we realized that among the different kinds of singing bowls, all emit a wave pattern equivalent to the Alpha waves produced by the brain.

We can thus better understand how this instrument provides a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of openness of the inner space, entering into resonance with the different systems of the body.

When the vibrations resonate

One of the particular effects of sounds in therapeutic healing is related to the natural tendency of objects, whose movements are almost identical, to eventually move in complete synchrony.

In the 17th century, scientist Christian Huygens had already noticed that two pendulums placed side by side ended up swinging at the same rate. This phenomenon is called “collective phase arrangement”, or synchronization.

Tibetan bowls, like gongs or tingshas, ​​recreate the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to find its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate at the frequency of the bowl. Once synchronized, it can then vibrate independently. Stimulated and uplifted by the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl, the body can then re-synchronize to its own frequency, and resonate again in tune with the subtle bodies.

Once perfectly harmonized, the physical body, the soul and the spirit are ready for a work of expansion of consciousness under the eye of the therapist in order to reconnect with the Inner Unity in the wholeness of the Being.

It is an instrument that allows some people to travel in time and to be able to find answers to the questions they ask themselves.

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