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Reharmonization of energies

These therapies that promise the harmony of energies
Energy therapies

Energy therapies, a new religion of well-being. 
Vibration field, bioresonance and quantum medicine… These alternative techniques that promise us increased well-being are creating buzz on social networks. Small initiation manual to the new “New Age”.

It is a market of a new order that speaks to us of clairvoyance, vibratory power and a program of transformation of beliefs. In bookstores, in the most beautiful hotels or on the Web, energy therapies are everywhere, and their promise, immense: to harmonize the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of being with the help of hands, crystals, mantras. Their protocols are rooted both in ancestral medicines, such as qi gong or magnetism, and in more trendy approaches, such as reiki. But it is the latest advances in science that have boosted the phenomenon.

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Enter bioresonance
References of the very young discipline: the research on bioresonance by the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, in the 1970s, or the bestseller, published in 2009, by the Indo-American doctor Deepak Chopra, Le Corps quantique (Éditions J have read). According to this body-mind therapy, the body would be traversed by vibratory and informational flows. Rebalancing the frequencies would make it possible to work on our health, but also on decisive issues, such as the conduct of our life or feelings of security.

According to Jean-Louis Abrassart, author of Practicing the chakras (Éditions Trédaniel), quantum medicine extrapolates the laws of quantum physics, which apply to the world of the infinitely small. “Valid on the scale of the atom, it has not yet proven itself in humans”, relativizes the engineer from the École Centrale and converted into a therapist. And to bet that, in a few years, science will explain the phenomena described by the experience of the energy specialists of yesterday and today.

Starting with the chakras. According to the author, these centers of activation, distribution and exchange of energy constitute the framework of our invisible structure. Seven in number, they are located along the spine, from the pelvis (the root chakra, linked to the genitals but also to the feeling of security) to the top of the skull (the crown chakra, related to the brain and our openness spiritual).

alternating current
positive energies

Energy therapies are everywhere, and their promise is immense: to harmonize the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of being. Alexander Weinberger
The work of the energy specialists revolves around two stages: the balance sheet and then the rebalancing. “The assessment depends on their training and their affinities”, explains Laurence Richard, of the Source Plénitude sophrology institute. According to this specialist, therapists close to Chinese medicine will seek the meridians to rebalance. Others will focus on the chakras. How ? “Studies have shown that almost every tissue in the body generates an electric field when compressed or stretched,” says David Sayag. Some crystalline materials, including quartz, can also produce electricity. According to the physiotherapist, it is enough to listen to the body through the hands to detect the areas that are lacking or in excess of energy. Pressing on the body, or at a slight distance, can trigger feelings of warmth or movements, release emotions. “ A feeling of aspiration indicates that you need to increase the support. If you are pushed back, you just have to release the pressure ”, summarizes David Sayag. The body of the patient guides the energy specialist according to his needs. Following the same logic, rebalancing can be achieved with the help of crystals or plants.

Positive thinking breeds positive physiology


“There are already machines that claim to “scan” us precisely without any patch or physical contact, proof that we are indeed bodies of vibrational information”, describes Laurence Richard. At the Parisian center Element, its founder, Xavier Chabeur, uses the Bio-Well camera, for example. According to the therapist, the device allows energy balances through the capture and analysis of electron emissions from the ten fingers of the hands. These are connected to different organs and metabolic systems through meridians and acupuncture points. The camera would already be recognized by the Ministry of Health in Russia, a country at the forefront of quantum medicine. The therapist also offers sessions in a “crystal bed”, a mattress in which hundreds of crystals are slipped, allowing their electromagnetic powers to act on the body.

positive energies

“From now on, you have to learn how to recharge your batteries differently and regularly throughout life,” says Jean Didier, magnetizing medium. Alexander Weinberger
Computers and other digital processors are now able to achieve a rebalancing, however this approach targets the body without necessarily integrating the spiritual planes, warns Laurence Richard. “The range of treatments is infinite, but the personal development of the caregiver makes the difference, hence the importance of continuous self-work”, nuances the sophrologist. Finally, the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the sensitivity of the client to the techniques used. The mental structure will favor, or not, the transformation. Sometimes in-depth personal history work is necessary.

Summer rendezvous with the Moon

The quest for spirituality translates into a renewed interest in the influence of the stars. Catherine Saurat-Pavard is a kundalini and yin yoga teacher, trained in astrology. During the feel good retreats organized by Madame Figaro in 2019, she thrilled the participants.
After having officiated in the major Parisian studios, she moved to the South, from where she meets online every morning at 7 a.m. for sessions that take into account the sky map. She also publishes My Astro Yoga with Éditions Leduc, where each sign finds suitable postures, meditations and mantras. She recommends one valid for everyone, ideal for welcoming the full moons of July 24 and August 22: Kabadhsee meditation, which can last from three to thirty-one minutes.
Here is an overview: seated, back straight, chin set back, eyes closed, place your hands in prayer in front of your navel. Chant the mantra “ Saa Ray Saa Saa, Saa Ray Saa Saa, Saa Ray Saa, Saa, Saa Rang ”, raising your hands up the front of your chest. When reaching the chest, open the palms in the shape of a lotus, the fingers apart, and go up to the eyebrows. yolajoy.com

Science or belief?
“These atypical therapies are in full development, because they meet the needs of human evolution,” says Jean Didier, a famous magnetizing medium who has been working on the psychic faculties for thirty years. Ways of eating, breathing… it’s about integrating a way of life that will compensate for the damage caused by global warming, pollution or stress. “Fifty years ago, we recharged in nature. From now on, we must learn to recharge our batteries differently and regularly throughout life”, notes the medium which publishes this summer Reveal your psychic and energetic faculties (Éditions Leduc).

This “ energy transition ”, according to Jean Didier, has been going smoothly for a decade, but France is lagging behind, despite the massive enthusiasm for the subject. In Switzerland, energy schools already issue recognized diplomas. “The Swiss have a more pragmatic approach, abounds Jean-Louis Abrassart, who worked in Geneva. Hospitals do not hesitate to call fire cutters to relieve serious burns”, he illustrates.

In the United States, land of the new age, the cell biologist and pioneer in epigenetic medicine Bruce Lipton triggered a big bang with his bestseller Biology of beliefs (Éditions Ariane). His thesis: our biological response is influenced by external signals, genes do not control our lives, and the power of visualization is incredible. “Up to two-thirds of cures in medicine are linked to the placebo effect. A positive thought generates a positive physiology”, argues the researcher. And to quote the radiance of lovers, naturally flooded with dopamine, to illustrate the urgency of changing our unconscious programs of beliefs, dominated by fear. An invitation to the perpetual love story with the world and with oneself. Hello, madam energy specialist?

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