Didier Traullé Guerisseur- Magnetiseur- Rebouteux - Energéticien

My method

My practice

It can be summed up in one concept: harmonization of energies.

Vital energies are absorbed by breathing, feeding, sleeping.

Their balance can be disturbed by all kinds of dysfunctions stemming from an incorrect or even unhealthy lifestyle, environmental influences, or quite simply from the basic constitution of the being.

The healer performs on the patient in vital deficiency a real energy transfusion.

I apply different methods depending on the case to be treated:

» Relaxation (head massage, touch of the body)
» Digipuncture (no manipulations, no contortions but gentle finger pressure)
» Lithotherapy (mineral therapy)
» Sonology (sound therapy: Tibetan bowls, gong)

A fitness session begins with relaxation. During the session you lie on a 90cm wide mattress. People who do not want direct contact with the skin can wear a set (trousers and t-shirt) in light cotton. No jewelry, watch, necklace. No gel in the hair. I recommend massagers to be in their underwear and bring a blanket for comfort as a cooling sensation is often felt in response to relaxation.

I tune into your body’s frequency and seek out your sticking points. Your body expresses itself and sends information, a dialogue is established between your body and me.

Magnetism occupies a great importance in the exchange of information.

People with high potential for receptivity will feel currents passing and discover their bodies. Once the zones have been detected, you will free yourself and thus allow your energy to circulate again. After the session you have a feeling of well-being, calm and lightness.

In the hustle and bustle of life and daily stress, a fitness session is a treat not to be missed.

I basically use my fingers like needles in acupuncture on the energy circuits (meridians) of the body. So I use my own magnetism as well as my power of concentration. By stimulating and strengthening the vital force centers of the patient, I restore the circulation of energies and healing takes place.

I can also use the stones in apposition (lithotherapy).

In addition, people who wear necklaces or rings with stones and who want to know if these crystals correspond to their well-being can bring them with them. I will be happy to measure the impact of these stones on their energy.

Thanks to the sounds emitted by the gong, by the Tibetan bowls (sound therapy), which I sometimes use in addition, some people can experience the projection of their astral body, and therefore, travel in a known or unknown world. Concomitantly occurs or ensues a state of trance, a state to which any session of deep relaxation can lead.

We are dealing here with a formidable time machine which can allow some to come into contact with missing persons.

It should be emphasized that we remain fully aware in all circumstances and that we keep absolute control of the situation.

You are in “good” hands.

However, there is no miracle cure*. However, any victory, however small, that can be won over pain is not to be despised.

In conclusion, each session brings a feeling of well-being, calm, lightness, a serenity that should not be neglected in our lives marred by stress.

Indeed, the human being is intimately connected to the universe. It reacts to its environment, to atmospheric pressure, to the movements of the moon, to solar flares.

The hardships of life accumulate and end up creating lesions which are concretized by blockages leading to disturbances.

Our mind plays a huge role in our state. Our body is engaged in a permanent struggle to maintain the balance that allows it to be healthy. But sometimes repetitive attacks can momentarily have the upper hand.

*I insist, I am not a medical doctor. It is important to follow the prescriptions issued by health professionals.

Moreover, not everyone can choose or decide to be a healer. It is the people who have been healed who recognize it as such.
Nature gave me a gift. This gift, I must share the benefits.

Eminent practitioners* recognize this gift and recommend the use of the care provided by those who have received it.

I understand that it is my duty to help everyone without distinction of age, race, sexual behavior, philosophical and religious convictions.

I also strive to work with the less able (disabled or otherwise) to reduce the difficulties caused by their disability.

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