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During his interview in 1992 the well-known healer Jean-Claude Collard replied in substance as follows.
N.B. Some clarifications (historical references etc…) have been added.

For the healer, magnetism, whose beneficial effects he observes every day, is a universal source of energy that emanates from living bodies, minerals and the most diverse elements that form the Cosmos.

As I feel it, I see that it really exists. We all feel it at one time or another. I know he is powerful and beneficent since I call on him daily to relieve and heal my sick.

Physical or mineral magnetism

Magnetism, a branch of physics, is a measurable, quantifiable, equated and reproducible force at will. Discovered more than two thousand years ago, today’s science has mastered it and has a fairly good knowledge of it. It is a twin force of electricity that magnets give off.
This force allows the smooth operation of all modern technology, from telecommunications to the launching of rockets. A fundamental force of nature, it governs the interaction of atoms, the circulation of electrons, quarks and all those infinitely small elements that are still being discovered.
This magnetism is a physical force that can be experienced and whose existence is proven.

animal or vital magnetism

Notably called vital fluid, etheric fluid, celestial fluid, animal or human magnetism, it would represent, according to Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer*, an energy emanating from the celestial bodies and similar to that of the magnet, although it is more subtle.
This force would be exerted by means of a fluid in which beings and things bathe. Mesmer affirms that Man can concentrate this fluid and direct its current at will on his fellows.
*Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) was a German physician and astrologer who invented the concept of animal magnetism and other spiritual powers, collectively known as mesmerism. He chose the term animal (from the Latin anima = soul) in order to identify this force which resides in all animate beings.

Diseases which, according to the famous practitioner Mesmer, have their origin in an insufficiency or blockage of fluid in the body, are cured by refill or release therapy, which explains the famous “crisis” triggered and observed during the sessions. of magnetism and which represents the symptom. The advantage of magnetism is that it quickly triggers healing crises without any danger. When Nature fails in its role of spontaneous healing, contact with a so-called “animal” transmitter of magnetism may prove to be the necessary and sufficient remedy.

The processes of this magnetism are very diverse.
This therapy can be exercised by gaze, presence, will, touch. One can proceed by immediate contact either by digital touch or by laying on of hands, by passes over the body or diseased parts, and this also from a distance, or else through the intermediary of irradiated water, products or objects that the practitioner has previously impregnated with his fluid.

The theory of magnetism was also mobilized to explain paranormal phenomena such as, for example, somnambulism, hypnosis, diabolical possessions or clairvoyance, even prophetism.

mental magnetism



It is peculiar to man. It is produced by the emission and focusing of the concentrated thought of an emitter. It acts by will, suggestion, influence. He can act remotely.

This magnetism is neutral. It can work both ways, for good or for bad. Even more subtle, it combines and increases the effects of the two previous magnetisms (mineral and vital)

It is the force that fascinates, bewitches, charms, suggests or hypnotizes, even from a distance. We will devote a separate chapter to this phenomenon.

The theory of magnetism was also mobilized to explain paranormal phenomena such as, for example, somnambulism, hypnosis, diabolical possessions or clairvoyance, even prophetism.

Prayer or spiritual magnetism

Spiritual magnetism comes to us simply from the creative force we call God. This force accompanies Man since the dawn of time. It is enough to conform (submit) to the will of God to be abundantly provided with it.

Used all over the place, misused by certain sects, spiritual magnetism is the new tool of crooks of all kinds to attract fragile, sensitive people, gogos, enlightened people and many sincere people in search of spirituality. Of course, not everything is to be thrown in the same bag. There are, without looking far, within reach of our hand and our heart, sincere followers of spiritual magnetism.

Reality and controversies about the mag

In 1784, without Mesmer’s request, King Louis XVI appointed a commission made up of four members of the Faculty of Medicine to investigate the reality of the animal magnetic fluid used by d’Eslon (a disciple of Mesmer). At their request the King appointed five other commissioners of the Royal Academy of Sciences, men as considerable as the famous chemist Antoine Lavoisier, the physicist Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, the astronomer Jean-Sylvain Bailly and the American ambassador Benjamin Franklin.
The Commission conducted a series of investigations aimed, not to determine if Mesmer’s treatments worked, but if he had indeed discovered a new physical fluid.
The Commission closed the file by affirming that Mesmer’s healing treatments did indeed exist and concluded that there was no proof of the existence of magnetic fluid and that its effects could derive either from the imagination of the patients or from that of a charlatan.
So to speak, the commission of inquiry did not investigate about Mesmer himself but about what d’Eslon, his pupil and disciple, was doing. It was even argued that d’Eslon was not really familiar with Mesmer’s true system.

In fact, two centuries ago, the magnetism controversy was not between doctors and healers, but between licensed doctors and qualified doctors. It was a quarrel of clerics, a dispute between men of science, which opposed the last four of the followers of dogmatic, metaphysical medicine, to the innovating followers of experimental medicine.
However, a metaphysics, if it can be demonstrated rationally, cannot be proven experimentally and our Doctor Mesmer, dodging the obligation to prove his theory, was forced into exile shortly after the disclosure of the results of the investigation. .

Long before, Paracelsus (1493-1543) wrote:
“Man has within him a magnetic force without which he cannot exist.”
His hermetic conception of illness and health was based on the disharmony and harmony between man (the microcosm) and Nature (the macrocosm).
The use of magnets in medicine and wellness research goes back to this doctor and alchemist who used them to ward off evil from the body.
Paracelsus soon had a reputation for being arrogant, which annoyed other European physicians. He held a chair of medicine at the University of Basel for less than a year. During this time he publicly burned the books of other doctors, which irritated his colleagues. He was forced to leave town on a ridiculous legal pretext.

For pure and hard scientists universal magnetism, other than the physical magnetism of magnets, does not exist. Magnetism, whether animal, human, mental, vital or spiritual, is a vision of the mind, not to say a joke. For the empirical, it is the very breath of life, the vital energy par excellence.

In this contradictory debate, who should we believe? What conclusions can be drawn?

Ridiculed, discredited for a long time in the eyes of the scientific world, human magnetism became the privileged domain of healers and empiricists in general, including many honest and effective practitioners.

Taking advantage of the windfall, countless charlatans on the lookout for any exploitable and juicy novelty, occupied the ground abandoned by the doctors.

Exposing before credulous crowds their seductive theories, they made innumerable consenting dupes.

Didn’t Voltaire say: “Charlatanism was born the day the first rascal found the first imbecile”.
Their pseudo-scientific gibberish only impressed the foolish and uneducated. But they were numerous and this made the concept of magnetism suspect for more than a century.
This diversion of a respectable empirical knowledge did a lot of harm to the patients who had nevertheless been relieved by the magnetism honestly practiced. Because of this charlatanism, the healers were singled out.

This unfair situation for animal magnetism and for honest healers prevented any sincere and ambitious researcher from studying the phenomenon, for fear that the Faculty and its henchmen would close the door to the “royal road” of official medicine and do not prevent him from exercising.

Certainly, there were men of science not suspected of heresy who courageously defended magnetism and pursued their research, not to prove it experimentally, but to study and observe its effects.

Du Potet was one of them. He rightly asserts in his textbook of the Study of Magnetism that:

“The fluid is not a substance that can be weighed, measured, condensed. It’s a life force.”

Reality of the effects of magnetism
In everyday life, each of us can feel its effects when we find ourselves in the presence of a strong personality which irradiates us with its beneficial (or harmful) “waves”. A common example: a sick child calms down under the hand of his mother placed on the painful part of his body.
Indeed, it happens to us to be moved or subjugated, by the love, the kindness, the beauty, the will of a being or an object.
It happens that we feel perfectly well in a beneficial place (palace or cottage). All these things are obvious manifestations of this unknown force which radiates.

In constant interaction, universal magnetism seems to constitute the regulating principle par excellence, the energy which brings back to balance what is tottering, which puts back in place what is upside down, which removes pain and which restores health.

How does magnetism work?
Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know is that magnetism can act independently of any suggestion, since it is used successfully on the dying, infants, the mentally handicapped, animals, but also at a distance. His vehicle? I do not know him.

What I know is that when I powerfully focus my thoughts on a sick person, when I strongly project my will to heal on a suffering being, when I clearly visualize what I want, then the situation becomes clear, the reward occurs, the problem resolves itself (often).

Human, animal, vital magnetism, or the energy that this term implies, is a balancing agent of the first order for the body and for the spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is magnetism ?
Whether it is called polarity, vital energy, electromagnetism or Chi, the body functions thanks to cosmic (Yang), telluric (Yin) or environmental energy. It penetrates the body, to allow our vital functions to carry out their role. In this therapeutic approach, the magnetizer uses the electromagnetic energy that envelops the bodies of living beings to relieve various ailments.

How is it possible?
Given that each living being is a living magnet in attraction with other magnets, it has its own energy with the ability to share it. These energy exchanges promote balance, unlike illness which is a state of imbalance, temporary weakness, sometimes fatal. Without the magnetism that binds him to others and attaches him to the Earth, Man would gravitate in space.

When was magnetism discovered?
The laying on of hands has always existed. Moreover, there are stelae thousands of years old showing the laying on of hands as well as in the Bible. However, it was the German doctor Anton Mesmer who first highlighted the influence of the sun and the moon, among other things, on the human body. He caused an artificial “flux” by having his patient swallow an iron-based preparation and attaching magnets to different parts of her body. She reported feeling like a mystery running through her body. The symptoms disappeared for a few hours. Mesmer did not believe that only magnets had operated, he felt that he himself had contributed to transferring to the patient what he called “animal” magnetism and that he could thus heal people by laying on his hands .
He thus defended the theory of universal magnetism, this force which governs the universe and acts on us.
He was forced to leave Vienna after failing to heal an 18-year-old musician who was blind from birth. He went to Paris where he set up a medical office. Paris soon split into two camps: those who thought he was a charlatan and those who believed he was the author of a great discovery. The evolution of his ideas and practices nevertheless led the Scottish surgeon James Braid to develop hypnosis in 1842.

Who can be a magnetizer ?
Everyone! Magnetism is a natural agent that is specific to living beings. Obviously you have to study the laws of energy and first apply them daily to yourself to develop your own magnetism and qualities like patience. However, some people have more sensitivity or acuity to feel the energy released by their own bodies and those of others. They are therefore more inclined to use it. On the other hand, some people feel a fear of these sensations that they do not understand or control. Knowing them reassures them.

When is magnetism used?
Without knowing it, we often use it. For example, a mother whose young child is injured will have the instinctive reflex to put her hand on the sore area to calm and make the pain disappear.

Has magnetism been the subject of scientific studies?
Yes. Thanks to sophisticated devices, research carried out by scientists has demonstrated the existence of radiation around living beings. This radiation has a color, a thickness and changes according to our environment. We are all surrounded by energy and we are constantly producing it.

How does a magnetism session work?
Calmly, the magnetizer, after making contact, places his hands above the body and harmonizes the vital energy so as to unblock conflicting areas to relieve certain ailments.

How does the patient feel then?
He will therefore feel a calming or exciting effect, warmth, tingling or internal movement that comes from the blood regulation reacting to the effects of the magnet.

How long does a session last?
It is very variable, from a few minutes to an hour.

Can all diseases be treated with magnetism?
No. But its complementary action promotes any medical treatment or natural care. Unfortunately, even with the greatest will on both sides, some afflictions face fate…

Can it be used on babies?
Yes. In fact, several mothers use magnetism with their infant suffering from colic by immediately applying their hand to their stomach. Others use it to calm and put the baby to sleep.

And on restless children
Absolutely. On restless and nervous children, magnetism is very effective because it manages to calm them, comfort them thanks to the reassuring effect of such a touch.

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