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He “blows” hot, cold, “imposes” hands, “manipulates”, magnetizes, “rebuts”, heals with plants, prays… He often relieves, and sometimes “miraculously” heals sick people whom medicine official, helpless, despite all her knowledge and her therapeutic arsenal, must sometimes give up on their fate. Are these spectacular results obtained by some magnetizers the effect of the techniques used, when their real “power” seems so tenuous, or of simple suggestion? Placebo effect? Or are these results proof of an innate gift? Acquired ? A gift from God ? A particular ability to trigger self-healing?

Still, countless cures are obtained in this way, all over the world, without the medical profession, all powerful today, which claims to be the absolute holder of knowledge, being able to explain these facts without falling into insult and contempt.
Who are these empirical practitioners who have, for any diploma, only the testimonials of recognition of their patients?
These healers who obtain surprising remissions in cases where official medicine forfeits?
These men and women who, with their bare hands, with the help of their only gift that they claim to have from God, or of knowledge transmitted from generation to generation, restore balance and health to the sick?
In general, they are simple people, believers, of a robust common sense, who discover their gift by chance, and leave everything to put themselves at the service of their neighbor. If some get rich, they are not necessarily the best or the most effective. Many exercise their art as a priesthood.

True healers have far more patients than they can heal. They hardly need publicity. The sick they have cured are their best advertisement.

A legal status

Despite these strange and indisputable feats, the French healer, whether herbalist, magnetizer or bonesetter, still has no legal status, while the legislative arsenal has been strengthened against him.

Never, however, have there been so many true and false healers. The number of healers is estimated to be in the tens of thousands. More and more citizens believe that this lawsuit brought by the public authorities, spurred on by the proponents of official medicine, against real healers and natural therapies in general, is perfectly indecent as long as this official medicine does not reach to heal all the sick, without exception! The important thing for those who suffer is to heal. Whatever the way!

The ideal solution would obviously be for close collaboration to be established between doctors and healers. But for that, the spirit of altruism, disinterestedness and vocation would have to dominate! Let’s not dream! Today everything comes down to a question of big money! Public health and the “medical business” that results from it are too rich a cake to let the freeloaders of wild medicines sit at the table. Never mind the sick…their suffering…the important thing is profitability.

The money !

healers today

“Healers sometimes get therapeutic results that official doctors don’t get through the usual scientific means.” (Abbé Marc Oraison Priest and doctor) The magnificent term healer comes from the old French “garir” (defend, preserve) by descent from the Provençal “garida”, from which the word “guerite” also descends. We already find its trace in the Song of Roland (XIth century) where “guarisun” meant “healing”. The French Academy did not accept the word “healer” until 1878: “It is hardly said except in bad part, of a poorly educated doctor, of an empiric. Ex. This patient had faith in healers.” The Grand Dictionnaire Encyclopédique Larousse in its 1983 edition, still gives a very pejorative definition of the word healer: “Person who claims to obtain the cure of certain diseases, by secret, incommunicable processes, without demonstrable scientific verification (fluid, gift, mysterious medication deemed infallible, etc.) and who does so in contravention of the laws relating to the practice of medicine.” Only the Petit Robert remains objective: “Person who makes a profession of healing without having the official quality of doctor, and by means not recognized by medicine”. For us, this beautiful word “healer” includes all those who treat, relieve, attack illnesses or protect men, animals and plants from them. The term healer also covers several specialties. Some traditional such as: magnetism, dowsing, reboutement, herbal treatments (simple), others modern: osteopathy, herbal medicine, sophrology, etc. Dentists, veterinarians or doctors are not excluded. There are more and more magnetizing doctors and

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