Didier Traullé Guerisseur- Magnetiseur- Rebouteux - Energéticien

Examples of healing

Here are some cases of resolved issues. Some were desperate.


A 4-year-old girl had been constipated for 8 days. 2 enemas had been administered to him but without result.

Two hours after a session, she had a bowel movement. I had a second session eight days later to complete the treatment. For 4 years, she has had no problems.

Burning of the esophagus due to gastric reflux.

I met a 6 year old girl who was being treated for esophageal burns, acid reflux burns since birth.

The specialists had not detected any physical anomaly. In two sessions, the problem was resolved and no burns have reappeared for 3 years.

Nocturnal enuresis problem

A 19-year-old man had a problem with bedwetting since childhood. This problem was solved in 2 sessions.

Varicella Diagnosis

A doctor diagnoses a 7-year-old girl with chickenpox. The next day, I give him a session. I then see that she is covered in pimples. I repeat the session 2 days later. In 3 days no trace of pimples.

Bands located at the buttocks

A 72-year-old person had shingles located on the buttocks. It presented as an 8cm wide strip irritated to the point of blood. It was impossible for him to sit down. In two sessions over a week, no more traces of shingles.

Body covered with some kind of subcutaneous warts

A 5 year old boy had some kind of subcutaneous warts on his body which hatched while festering. He had been treated for 6 months without results. I then gave her a first session and a week later the pustules had disappeared. Only the traces were visible. I gave him a second session then another one a week later, during the third session, the traces had completely disappeared.


A 7 year old boy suffered from edema since the age of 18 months, his body was swollen all over and he urinated very little. In three sessions, he lost 15% of his water weight, the body was much less swollen and the elimination process started to work again.

In dermatology

Many skin problems are caused by stress. I get good results with eczema, psoriasis, warts, skin diseases of all kinds. In a few sessions, everything is back to normal.

Persistent UTI

I treated a 32-year-old young man who had suffered for a year and a half from pain following a urinary tract infection. He had been treated for a year with various antibiotics without results. He came to see me in desperation. I gave him a session and the next day the pain disappeared. He came back a month later for a check-up, he hadn’t had any more problems in the meantime.


I treated an insomniac who got up several times a night for over 20 years. Today, with one session, he sleeps 7 hours in a row and the effects last over time. The parents of a daily enuretic little boy had tried everything without success. After two sessions, everything was back to normal.

Exam Stress

Ideal for students preparing for exams, especially for people under stress. The result is spectacular because the person is freed from this visceral fear and their ability to concentrate is strengthened. Less fear! The niaque more!

Nervous breakdown

According to recent American research, it would be due to a breakdown in the balance between the pituitary and the adrenals. It finds its origin in the accumulation of emotional shocks, fears, deaths, ruptures, harassment at work etc… These shocks have closed “doors” and prevent the free circulation of energies in your body. Depression is an infernal spiral which, in addition to destroying you, contaminates those around you. These blockages are found on the acupuncture meridians. The recipe is simple. By the magnetism on these points, “the doors” open and the energy circulates again. All the art consists in knowing how to locate the blocked points.

What is interesting in this approach is that we will not treat a specific problem but the body as a whole. And that is success. The whole art lies in the fact that we are simply going to use the resources of the body. Once the blockages are cleared, the machine can purr again and once the body is freed, the head is freed in turn.

It should be known that the time which lasted this depression does not matter. There are no incurable cases.

The duration of the treatment is 3 close sessions (D1 – D3 – D6) then 3 others at one week intervals.