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By an accumulated experience of more than 3000 years, acupressure or acupressure without needle represents an effective system of health.

The advantages of this method are numerous:
No instruments, needles or drugs needed…just your hands.

Digipressure is not likely to cause any harmful side effects, even with improper treatment.

Directly inspired by traditional Far Eastern medicine, it consists of pressing or massaging one or more points of the body with the tip of a finger in order to harmonize the energy within us. Like acupuncture (which uses needles), it is based on the idea that our illnesses, physical or psychological, are due to a poor distribution of our energy potential. Thus, by stimulating specific points, it can be regulated, thus being relieved, even cured. Like all techniques that have not been the subject of extensive scientific studies, they have their detractors, but also their supporters.

According to them, it would alleviate disorders as different as heavy legs, digestive laziness, stage fright, anxiety, temporary fatigue, body aches, etc.

Acupoints are treated using three methods (which involve slightly different pressure techniques):

– The harmonization which allows to regulate the energy of the point according to the needs of the organism.

– Toning, which stimulates the body.

– The dispersion which allows to calm the pains and relax the nerves.

However, it often happens that the simple stimulation of acupuncture points, regardless of the method used, has a beneficial effect in terms of energy rebalancing.

The effectiveness of digitopressure is not limited only to pain but it also allows improvements in many cases of organic deficiencies such as digestive disorders.

This method is based on the 14 major acupuncture meridians which constitute a veritable channeling network of vital energy (CHI-KI) in Chinese medicine.
These meridians are connected to the main vital organs of the body.

This inter-relation between the meridians and the internal organs explains, for example, that one can, by pressing on certain points of the foot, tone an organ as distant as the liver.

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